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Our Services

Our veterinary team helps our clients and their owners in everything health and surgery related. Below are some of the services we provide on a regular basis.

Dental Care

With regular cleaning and polishing we can prevent painful decay and enhance the life of your pet. And, when problems do arise, we can pinpoint the areas that need our special attention using digital dental radiography.

preventive Care

Nothing is more important than keeping our patients healthy. Preventive medicine focuses on avoiding disease and trying to find subtle changes that will help us catch issues before they become major life-threatening problems.


& treatment

We use advanced diagnostic equipment, including digital radiography, electrocardiograms and digital otoscopy that also give our vets a powerful set of tools for finding and solving animal health care problems fast.

pet grooming



We treat each pet like it is our own. We offer teeth cleaning, ear flushing and hair removal, bathing and, grooming, trimming nails, anal gland cleaning, and more.

We offer full-service boarding for its patients. If you're leaving town overnight or maybe you're entertaining guests who are allergic to pets, you can trust our staff to take care of your beloved pets. We have a grassy outdoor play area that all boarded pets use to get exercise and time out of the kennel two times each day. Nutrition and quality care are always a priority.

Dr. Sam is certified in animal chiropractic, and offers symptom relief for small animal and equine patients alike. If your pet experiences pain when being touched or lifted, seems reluctant to climb or jump, has negatively shifted attitudes, shows difficulty getting up after lying down, or has a change in posture - then we encourage you to try an adjustment!

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